DISCOVERY: TART OPTICAL “ARNEL” James Dean loved in 1950s & Johnny Depp loves now

This time we had hard time to discover some Tart Optical dead stocks again. Yes. SOLAKZADE is one of the most important dealers of Authentic Vintage Tart Optical in the world.

Tart Optical Enterprises Inc. was a small but legendary maker of eye frames. Founded in NYC in the mid-1940s, and ended in 1970s. James Dean loved Tart Optical’s Arnel in 1950s as well as Porsche Car, Lee Denim, Winston Cigarette. Johnny Depp also loves to wear Arnel of Tart. I hear that he loves and respects James Dean so he got interested in Tart Optical Arnel and then he has loved Arnel long time. Arnel is already an icon of not only James Dean but also Johnny Depp.

James Dean wearing Tart Arnel.

Johnny Depp wearing Arnel..