Really Collectable! Super Rare Double Arms Model JEAN PAUL GAULTIER 56-8002 made in early 1990’s

Jean Paul Gaultier 56-8002. This was NO famous till just now. Since today the model will rise to stardom for vintage shades maniacs all over the world.

2 pairs of detachable arms: big logos and non logos. Thick and big Wayfarer style like Wayshiners of Lanvin in 2007. A perfect piece for both fashionistas and collectors..


取外し可能なテンプルが2セット付属し、そのうち1組はこの巨大ロゴテンプル。フロントデザインはLANVIN WAYSHINER系の分厚いビッグウェイファーラーシェイプ。世界中のファッショニスタとコレクターの興奮掻き立てるパーフェクトモデル。

SOLAKZADE (japanese)

SOLAKZADE (english)