1970s CHRISTIAN DIOR by EARLY OPTYL were so Avant-Garde

In 1964, an Austrian company, Carrera, succeeded in developing a new plastic material, named OPTYL and received a patent. OPTYL is 20% lighter than ACETATE, which is still predominant in glasses industry and can keep luster for several decades.

In the early 1970s, the 1st brand that ordered CARRERA to use OPTYL to make their sunglasses was Christian Dior. In the first few years the designs were very avant-garde and big size. Then the designs got more “acceptable”. In 1976, the company OPTYL was launched. And after the few years, DUNHILL, PLAYBOY and many other brands made their sunglasses at OPTYL factories.

So the avant-garde designs in the first few years of 1970s Dior by Early OPTYL are rare and collectible now. Recently we got 3 models of them: 2029, D02 and D09.





The below is 1970s Christian Dior 2029

The below is 1970s Christian Dior D09

The below is 1970s Christian Dior D02

SOLAKZADE (japanese)

SOLAKZADE (english)