Customizing Work on Our Customer’s Cazal 607 frame with Genuine Lizard Skins

Just now Ryo at SOLAKZADE finally completed the work.

2 weeks ago, from an American customer, we took the 1st order of the customizing work on customer’s frame. After receiving the frame, Ryo worked on it every night after routine tasks.

Ryo just wraps the whole frame with genuine lizard skins and bonds them with special glue. After drying them out for more than 24 hours, he cuts the skins delicately with a professional knife and a professional scissor. Then paints cut edges with dye and also paints whole leather with leather finish. The wrapping and cutting work is very delicate. He still took about 20 hours to complete this work. This is the most beautiful work that he ever did. We got satisfied with his work. And so now we hope the customer will love the actual piece in person. “Mr.Murray, Thank you so much for your patience and ordering this with expecting his good work! I appreciate it!”




SOLAKZADE (japanese)

SOLAKZADE (english)